What do excavator model numbers mean?

3 stands for excavator (product type), 20 stands for 20ton (tonnage), D represents D series, D is newer machine compare with B,C. If L is after series letter, example CAT320DL, L stands for long truck excavator.

What do Komatsu model numbers mean?

Komatsu’s hydraulic shovels with crawlers have the model numbers that start with PC. … The numbers after those letters indicate the weight of the machine. The bigger the machine is, the bigger the number gets. The smallest machine has the model number PC01, and it weighs 300kg (660 lbs).

What do the numbers on the side of a excavator mean?

Gererally the number on the side will give you an indication of series, + size, problem is sometimes its the size of the machine, other times its the bucket capacity, :Banghead. C@t, generally 320LC = 3 series, 20ton, long carriage.

What are the different sizes of excavators?

There are many different types of excavator, but they all fall into four main size categories: mini, midi, standard, and large.

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What does LC mean on excavator?

Answer: LC indicates that the model uses widened lengthened crawler, in order to increase the contact area with the ground, generally used in the construction of soft ground conditions. What does the brand of each brand of the excavator mean?

What does XL stand for on a dozer?

Notable differences in these D6 dozers:

When you see ‘XL’, you think ‘extra large’—but is that really what this stands for? Let’s find out. According to their specs (see below), the Cat D6T (STD) is ideal for your run-of-the-mill, general dozing jobs.

What do the numbers mean on Cat dozers?

New, Simplified Model Numbers

The small size class range will be D1 to D3 (75+ to 100+ horsepower); D4 to D7 will represent the medium models (125+ to 240+ horsepower); and D8 to D11 will continue to signify the large dozers in Cat’s new nomenclature (320+ to 850+ horsepower).

How can you tell what year a Cat excavator is?

How to Find the Year of Caterpillar Equipment

  1. Find the product identification number. The engine’s serial number plate is usually found on the right rear side of the left cylinder block. …
  2. Write down the PIN. …
  3. Call your local Caterpillar equipment dealer and ask them to date the product by the PIN.

How are excavators classified?

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) lumps crawler excavators into three general size categories: mini or compact, midi and standard/full-sized.

How much does a excavator weigh?

Standard Excavators

Standard-sized excavators weigh between seven and 45 metric tons. These versatile excavators are the most common size for commercial construction projects, and offer enough power and hauling capacity to handle a variety of tough jobs.

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Can a mini excavator remove stumps?

However, can the mini excavator remove stubborn stumps? Yes, you can remove tree stumps with a mini excavator, but of course, there is a limit to how big a tree stump it can remove. For smaller stumps, a mini excavator can simply pull it out.

How do I choose the right size excavator?

Consider the following top specifications to match an excavator to your job:

  1. Engine power. You need an engine strong enough to get around your jobsite and perform tasks. …
  2. Weight. Focus on the maximum operating weight, which will cover the equipment, operator and load options. …
  3. Size. …
  4. Bucket capacity.


What are the sizes of Cat excavators?

Other Excavator Size Classes

  • Small excavators: 11-19 tons.
  • Medium excavators: 20-35 tons.
  • Large Excavators: 36-90 tons.
  • Larger units are typically classified as shovels.

Is Komatsu better than Caterpillar?

When it comes to cost, the Komatsu does come in cheaper, so you’d be getting those similar specs at a much lower price. However, the Caterpillar does have a better value retention long-term, so if you’re looking to sell your machine once the job is done, this might be the better option.

Is a digger the same as an excavator?

Excavator is the industry term to differentiate that specific machine from other digging machines. Digger is a layman’s/general term for all digging machines. Excavator is the industry term to differentiate that specific machine from other digging machines. Digger is a layman’s/general term for all digging machines.

Which excavator is the best?

The Top 10 World’s Largest Excavators:

  • Hitachi EX8000-6 Excavator.
  • Liebherr R9800 Excavator.
  • Komatsu PC8000-11 Excavator.
  • Demag H740 OS Excavator.
  • Komatsu PC7000-11 Excavator.
  • Liebherr R 996 B Excavator.
  • Caterpillar 6060 / 6060 FS Excavator.
  • Komatsu PC5500-6 Excavator.
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