Your question: What is a sand blade for a lawn mower?

Sand flows over the patented wing profile preventing wing wear, lasting up to three times longer than traditional blades. The geometry creates a vacuum effect to lift grass, providing an excellent quality of cut and limits the amount of dust when mowing in sandy conditions.

What type of mower blade is best?

The Three Kinds of Mower Blades

  • High-lift blades, also known as a basic blade, regular blade, or a 2-in-1 blade, are perfect for mowers with a bagger. …
  • A low-lift blade is a popular choice for those with dry, shorter grasses or those with sandy soils.

What is a low lift mower blade?

Low lift mower blades have slightly curved ends that keep air flow to a minimum. The lack of suction allows cut grass to exit the mower while keeping dust and debris levels down. John Deere notes that low lift mower blades cause less engine strain than high lift blades.

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Can you put any blade on a lawn mower?

Lawn mower blades are not universal, they are mower specific. A mower blade must be a exact fit and torqued to manufacturers specification. … If you need video help, check out “Replacing mower blade” in the mower repair video library.

What makes a mower blade high lift?

High-lift blades have deeper curves on the ends, which create enough suction to circulate and expel the clippings. The higher air flow also helps prevent clogging when mowing tall or wet grass. A high lift blade is a unique style of blade designed with larger wind wings which increase airflow.

How do I know what lawn mower blade I need?

The easiest way to find replacement lawn mower blades is with the OEM number. The OEM number is the numerical part number of the blade assigned by the manufacturer. In most cases, just typing this number with the manufacturer name into a search engine or online store will be enough to bring up some promising results.

What mowers do professionals use?

The Best Commercial Lawn Mowers

  • SCAG Turf Tiger II. This zero-turn has a sleek look, a comfortable seat, and deck sizes ranging from 52” to 72” – it’s a great option for wide-open spaces. …
  • SCAG V-Ride II. …
  • Toro 2000 Series. …
  • Wright ZK-1 Stand-On Mower. …
  • Ferris ISX 3300 Zero Turn Mower.

Which is better mulching blade or high lift?

Standard and high-lift blades are straight and aerodynamic as possible to create a powerful lift that will expel the grass clippings from under the deck. Standard blades are the ideal choice when mulching the grass clippings may not be an option. … Mulching blades feature more curves and an increased cutting edge.

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Can you put a mulching blade on any mower?

Yes, you can put a mulching blade on almost any mower. To put a mulching blade on a mower, the blade needs to be able to fit the deck properly and be secured tightly. Not all mowers equipped with a mulching blade will do a good mulching job due to bad deck design, or low-powered engine.

What is a 4 in 1 lawn mower blade?

Eliminator Blades cross cut for quick shredding and mulching. Replace your mower blade with a 4-in-1 Eliminator blade for Mulching, Discharge and Bagging plus shredding to ensure a clean, healthy cut for beautiful lawn results.

What happens if you put lawn mower blades on upside down?

The key to replacing the mower blade is installing the new one properly. It is common to install a blade upside down. When this happens, the lawn mower will not cut correctly, or it could damage the mower.

Should I sharpen my lawn mower blade or buy a new one?

Lawn mower blades are built for durability and can usually be salvaged with regular sharpening. However, if you notice large dents and chips on the edge that aren’t smoothed out with a blade sharpener, it’s time to invest in new blades. Yard debris can also wear down a blade over years, resulting in thin weak metal.

How much does it cost to sharpen lawn mower blades?

If you want to choose a professional, lawn mower blade sharpening can cost about $5 to $15 per blade. If you remove the blade and bring it to them, the costs can be around $5 less. According to, lawn mower sharpening services usually cost around $15 per blade.

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Are Gator Blades worth it?

Top critical review

They seem to do a somewhat better job than the standard mulching blade. they certainly create a higher lift to the point that a lot more grass clippings are flying around vs the 3-1 blades. In fact, they work as good as the hi-lift bagging blades so I can mulch and bag with one blade.

Do I need high lift blades for bagger?

Registered. The high lifts are required for baggers where there isn’t any active air flow to get the clippings into the bagger.

What are toothed mower blades for?

The blade teeth do not have a cutting edge but are used to create extra lift, propelling grass clippings high into the mower deck. The angle of the teeth is designed to force the grass clipping back toward the cutting edge. … For a lawn care professional looking to cover all the bases, toothed blades are the way to go.

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