Where is the Jade harvester set dungeon?

The Raiment of the Jade Harvester Set Dungeon is located in Act IV, The Vestibule of Light. Take the waypoint to Gardens of Hope 1st Tier and walk backwards, towards the entrance of the zone.

How do you get the Jade harvester set in Diablo 3?

Raiment of the Jade Harvester is an item set in Diablo III. It is the class set for Witch Doctors for level 70. This set can only drop at Torment difficulty. The set is named after Tukam, the Jade Harvester.

Where are the set dungeons in Diablo 3?

Location: from Howling Plateau Waypoint, south through the canyon and in the bottom right corner of the map. It is east from Caldeum Bazaar, close to where players first meet Eirena (southeastern corner).

Where is the set dungeon for Witch Doctor Season 22?

The Zunimassa’s Haunt Set Dungeon is located in Act III, The Core of Arreat. Take the waypoint to that location and start making your way inward, towards the Azmodan fight.

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What is the easiest set dungeon in Diablo 3?

Crusader. The Crusader has some of the easiest and most enjoyable Set Dungeons in the game.

How do I get to Helltooth set dungeon?

The Helltooth Harness Set Dungeon is located in Act I, The Royal Crypts. Take the waypoint to that location and start making your way inwards, towards the Skeleton King fight.

How do I get Mundunugu set?

It appears to be named after an Umbaru named Mundunugu. The set requires a character level of 70 and can only be equipped by the Witch Doctor class. This set can only drop at Torment difficulty.

How does Creeping Death work Diablo 3?

Creeping Death Passive The duration of Locust Swarm, Haunt and damage amplification of Piranhas increases to 3600 seconds (or until the Witch Doctor dies or ventures into another level, or at least 200 yards away). There are some terrors that cannot be outrun. Bit by bit, second by second, they consume you.

Where is the Mundunugu set dungeon?

Right near the top of the General Discussion forum… Yes. None of the “new” sets have an associated set dungeon.

What do set dungeons give you?

1 Answer

  • Completing an objective and killing all the enemies in time for every set dungeon across ALL classes will grant you the “Wings of the Dedicated”.
  • Mastering All set dungeons for ALL classes will grant you the “Wings of Mastery”.


What is the easiest Demon Hunter Set dungeon?

Demon Hunter Natalya Set Dungeon. This is the easiest set dungeon ever. Location: Wortham Chapel, outside the cellar.

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What is the easiest wizard set dungeon?

TeamBRG has pretty good guides for Set Dungeon mastery. They’re all pretty easy, the only one that was a bit frustrating was Tal Rasha because of the rockworms. Firebird’s or Vyr’s are brain-dead easy.

What torment are set dungeons?

Set Dungeons are tricky, but not risky. The monsters are not very high level (corresponding to about Torment 4) and dying in a Set Dungeon (even in Hardcore mode) simply fails the challenge and resets the player to the dungeon entrance.

Where can I farm Zunimassa set?

The optimum farming technique is as follows: T6 rifts – Kill Goblins, Elites, and Champions. Open all chests. Disregard the trash mobs, as they generally don’t drop a lot of loot. Finish the rift to the end stone (don’t run back if there is a long way, just to clear a small dark area).

How do I get Tome of set dungeons?

The Tome of Set Dungeons is a lore book found every game in the Royal Quarters, a small non-random section of dungeon located up the stairway to the right once players enter Leoric’s Manor.

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