What does STS mean on John Deere combine?

And the winner is … The Single Tine Separator )STS) is the heart and soul of the most productive combine on the market, the John Deere 9860 STS.

What is a John Deere STS Combine?

The combine harvester, simply known as a combine, is a machine that harvests grain crop for farmers. The John Deere STS series allows for individuals to complete reaping, threshing and winnowing operations in a consolidated process. … A unique feature of the John Deere 9660 is its ability to unload while on the go.

What does CTS mean on John Deere combine?

Others guess the new combine has something to do with Deere’s CTS II combine made for rice and small grains. CTS stands for cylinder tine separator. The machine uses rotary technology as far as the separating aspect of it and a cylinder and concave in the front end for threshing.

What is the biggest combine John Deere makes?

Deere has revealed what it believes will soon be the biggest beast in the field. The X9 combine will be launched globally later in 2020.

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How does a CTS combine work?

Registered. CTS is an acronym for Conventional Tine Separation. These are exceptional cereal combines and through no grain over with the straw. With at addition of the Precision rear beater upgrade they will keep up with 9610 in Canola as well.

How much does a new John Deere combine cost?

Most new John Deere combines are priced from $380,000 to $480,000, said Michael Cessna, a sales representative for the Arends-Hogan-Walker (AHW) dealership east of Urbana. With add-on features, farmers might be looking at $500,000 for a combine, “but you could get up to $600,000 real easy,” Cessna said.

What is the biggest combine?

The LEXION 770, recognised as the world’s most powerful combine harvester, has now been surpassed.

How much does a John Deere 9600 combine weight?

Transporting John Deere 9600 Combine

This John Deere was 24 feet long, 12 feet wide, 12 feet high and 26,800 pounds.

How does a John Deere walker combine work?

Both types run the crop between a rotating cylinder and concave to rub the grain off. But in the conventional machine, the cylinder is mounted crossways on the combine or perpendicular to the direction of combine travel. … Straw walkers and sieves then separate the grain from the chaff.

How does a conventional combine work?

The rotary combine uses centrifugal force to drive the grain through the straw. … In a conventional combine, the cylinder had one chance to thresh the material. In a rotary combine the material passes over the concave two or three times before it leaves the threshing area.

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What is the best combine in the world?

The 5 Most Insanely Powerful of combine harvester that We’d recommend you take a look at:

  • Claas LEXION 8900.
  • New Holland TC5. …
  • John Deere S700.
  • Case IH 8250 Axial-Flow.
  • AGCO Fendt IDEAL 9T.


Who makes the biggest combine in the world?

As of 2020, the biggest combine harvester in the world is the Claas Lexion 8900 – the flagship of the 8000 series. Thus, by launching the most powerful combine harvester last year, Claas proved to be the market leader in Europe. The 790hp Lexion 8900 model features a brand new threshing system – APS Synflow Hybrid.

What is the most expensive John Deere tractor?

JOHN Deere Australia has released the prices for the new 9RX quad track crop monster and it’s the most expensive tractor John Deere has produced.

How does a straw walker combine work?

The straw walkers are located above the sieves, and also have holes in them. Any grain remaining attached to the straw is shaken off and falls onto the top sieve. When the straw reaches the end of the walkers it falls out the rear of the combine.

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