What are stand on mowers good for?

Simply put, standing mowers are better for your back. As you mow, your feet and legs receive the shock absorption instead of your lower back. … A standing mower makes getting on and off the mower a lot faster, which in turn allows for a much quicker job.

What is the advantage of a stand up mower?

Here are some advantages stand-on mowers offer compared to riding mowers with similar-sized cutting decks: 1. Their low center of gravity makes them easier to maneuver in certain situations, such as on a sloped or hilly property. The weight of the machine and operator is closer to the ground than riding mowers.

Are stand on mowers good for hills?

Where does that leave a stander? A stand-on mower is good for hills with less than a foot’s incline. So you can handle the weight of the mower.

Should I get a stand on mower?

The overriding benefit of the stand-on mower is that it is easier to steer and you get more torque. Because it’s less cumbersome, the stand-on mower is also easier to maintain and lighter on the rear tires.

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What is a stand on mower?

In terms of commercial mowers, stand-on mowers fit between mid-sized walk-behinds and zero-turns. As their name implies, operators stand on a platform in a stationary position with their feet just inches off the ground during operation. Controls are at their hands.

What mowers do professionals use?

The Best Commercial Lawn Mowers

  • SCAG Turf Tiger II. This zero-turn has a sleek look, a comfortable seat, and deck sizes ranging from 52” to 72” – it’s a great option for wide-open spaces. …
  • SCAG V-Ride II. …
  • Toro 2000 Series. …
  • Wright ZK-1 Stand-On Mower. …
  • Ferris ISX 3300 Zero Turn Mower.

Are stand up Mowers Safe?

Safety Features

The primary concern with stand-on mowers is that the rider might fall off if the mower goes over bumpy terrain or steep slopes. However, most stand-on mowers have a bailout feature, which seated riding mowers don’t have. This safety feature allows you to shut the mower off by simply stepping off it.

What’s the best stand on mower for the money?

7 Best Stand On Mowers in 2021

  • Ferris Z2 and Z3X.
  • Wright ZK and X.
  • Scag V-Ride II.
  • Toro Grandstand.
  • Gravely Pro-Stance.
  • Cub Cadet Pro X.
  • Bad Boy Revolt.


What is the best lawn mower for steep hills?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to select the best riding lawn mower for hills.

  • BEST OVERALL: CRAFTSMAN T310 Turn Tight 24-HP V-twin Riding Mower.
  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Troy-Bilt TB 30 in. …
  • BEST ELECTRIC: Ryobi 38 in. …
  • BEST ZERO-TURN: Toro 42 in 22.5 HP Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower.
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Should I get a walk behind mower?

Small and moderate sized lawns may be better candidates for a walk behind mower. The general rule of thumb is, if you can complete the job in under 40 minutes, a self-propelled walk behind is every bit as efficient as a zero turn and often more so.

Are Bradley Mowers any good?

After spending years in the market and knowing what works, Bradley has been able to develop a model such as this one at an affordable price. This is definitely the best stand on mower for the price. … Besides, it comes with some of the best engines in the market, and a fairly well built machine for the price.

What is the smallest stand up mower?

The Wright Stander provides uncompromised control, speed and traction with the power you need for the smallest to the largest jobs. Its manoeuvrability makes it an ideal choice for mowing awkward locations like cemeteries and its compact size means it’s easy to load on small trailers and vans.

Are Ferris stand on mowers good?

Ferris built their newest mower to deliver superior traction and performance. It offers a few deck size options for increased productivity. It also includes a pivoting front axle, which allows the mower to grip better on steeper inclines. But, increased safety and efficiency isn’t all.

Who makes John Deere stand on mowers?

“It’s disturbing how manufacturers and distributors want the dealer to be loyal even though it is perfectly OK for them to do as they please,” says one dealer. “This year it is John Deere manufactured by Wright.

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