Quick Answer: What is Baler Aurora known for?

Baler, the capital town of the province of Aurora, is a haven for surfers and bikers. This laid-back coastal town is known primarily for its waves. … Baler is also a great destination for motorcyclists and road-trippers, as getting here involves a scenic ride passing roads that zigzags through the mountains.

What is Aurora province known for?

Known as the “Gateway to Pacific”, it is generally mountainous facing the mid-eastern Pacific Coast of Luzon some 232 km from Manila. It lies between 15°31’02” to 16°31’00”N along the latitudes and 121°31’02” to 122°01’30”E along the longitudes.

Why is Baler Aurora famous?

Baler is famous for its surfing spots, offering some of the best waves you can catch in Asia.

What outdoor activities are famous in Baler?

  • Surf at Sabang Beach. …
  • Bask in clear blue waters at Dicasalarin Cove. …
  • Go Snorkeling at Dicasalarin Bay. …
  • Conquer the Baler Hanging Bridge. …
  • Swim the cold blue waters of the Mother Falls. …
  • Learn about Baler’s history at Museo de Baler. …
  • Travel back in time at Dona Aurora House.
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What can I buy in Baler Aurora?

Where to buy the best pasalubong in Baler

  • T-shirts. You can never go wrong with souvenir shirts. …
  • Key-chains. Another popular keepsake. …
  • Suman de baler. …
  • Peanut butter. …
  • Aurora Blend Coffee. …
  • Biniklad na dilis. …
  • Ak’kaw Poppo.


What is the nickname for the province of Aurora?

The region contains the largest plain in the country and produces most of the country’s rice supply, earning itself the nickname “Rice Granary of the Philippine” or “Rice Bowl of the Philippines”.

Is there a flight from Manila to Baler?

There are no airlines that fly directly from Manila Ninoy Aquino to Baler.

How do you get to Baler Aurora by car?

By Private Car

Upon reaching Cabanatuan City Proper, take the Nueva Ecija-Aurora highway, passing through the towns of Talavera, Rizal and Pantabangan until reaching the Nueva Ecija-Aurora border, then drive thru the towns of Maria Aurora, San Luis, until you reach Baler. Travel time would take about 5-6 hours.

What is the capital city of Aurora?

Aurora (province)

Province 14 June 1951
Capital Baler
• Type Sangguniang Panlalawigan

Can I go to Baler now?

BALER, Aurora—The provincial government here has temporarily barred the entry of tourists and non-residents to the province to prevent the transmission of the 2019 coronavirus disease (Covid-19). … Under the order, tourists, foreign or local, shall be prohibited from entering the province.

How do you get to Baler Aurora?

If you’re taking public transportation, the most direct way to get there is via the Joy Bus of Genesis Transport. You can also reach Baler via Victory Liner bus to Cabanatuan. From there, you’ll have to transfer to a van or another bus to bring you to Baler.

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What happened to Aurora Quezon?

Five years after her husband’s death, she and her daughter “Baby” were assassinated while they were en route to open a hospital dedicated to her husband. The province of Aurora was named in her memory.

Aurora Quezon.

Her Excellency Aurora Quezon
Spouse(s) Manuel L. Quezon ​ ​ ( m. 1918; died 1944)​
Children 4

What is the main product of Aurora?

Major crops include rice, coconut, coffee, bananas, root crops, corn, citrus fruits, peanuts and abaca.


Major Crops Area (in hectares) Volume Production (2004)
Palay (Rice) 21,250 77,655 metric tons
Banana 2,205 7,072 metric tons

What is Suman de Baler?

“Suman De Baler”

Suman is glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in buri palm leaves. Its preparation and cooking time are shorter than the pakumbo. The most notable thing you’ll notice with their suman is the red-ish or sometime purple-ish color.

What is Suman festival?

Suman Festival. The Suman Festival is an event dedicated to a famous Philippine delicacy: suman (sticky rice cake). It coincides with the celebration of Aurora Day, which pays tribute to Aurora Quezon, founder of the province. Among Suman Festival activities are float parades, competitions, and fairs.

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