Question: What is a PTO switch on a lawn mower?

The power take off (PTO) clutch in your lawnmower is the drive pulley that transfers the power of the engine to the blade. … The PTO clutch has a pulley that is usually machine cut and a housing brace.

How does a PTO work on a lawn mower?

Driven by electricity provided by the mower’s 12-volt battery, the PTO clutch engages when its solenoid receives an electric spark. The PTO pulley is attached to the clutch and guides the belt that connects to the engine crankshaft pulley and rotates the blades of the mower that are located under the mower’s deck.

What does PTO mean on a lawn mower?

A power take-off or power takeoff (PTO) is any of several methods for taking power from a power source, such as a running engine, and transmitting it to an application such as an attached implement or separate machine.

What does a PTO switch do?

PTO Clutch Parts

The power take off (PTO) clutch in your lawnmower is the drive pulley that transfers the power of the engine to the blade. … The pulley sits on the brace and is allowed to spin around the brace by a vertical axle in the center of the pulley.

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Why won’t my mower blades engage?

Belt-the number one cause for your blades not to engage is that your belt is either stretched or loose causing it to slip or fall off completely. Belt could have snapped also. When you are trying to process too much grass/leaves they could pack up under your deck and push off your belt.

How do you bypass the safety switch on a lawn mower?

How to Bypass Seat Safety Switch on Lawn Mower?

  1. Step 1: Set the Mower on Flat Ground. …
  2. Step 2: Disconnect the Battery Terminal. …
  3. Step 3: Get Access to the Seat Safety Switch. …
  4. Step 4: Take off the Safety Switch Wires. …
  5. Step 5: Cut the Wire & Tape Them. …
  6. Step 6: Take the Seat Back to Its Position.

Why did my mower blades stop working?

If your mower blades will not turn after the blade controls have been engaged, your deck belt may be broken. … Clean out any debris or grass that may have built up above the mower deck, and remove any guards or covers that protect the deck belt system. Once the belt can be accessed, inspect it for any damage or wear.

What is a PTO cable?

It is an identical replacement for a missing or a faulty PTO cable that was installed on a new unit. … The cable is an important component of the mechanism that allows a user to engage the deck.

How do you test a lawn mower PTO clutch?

Pull off the main power wire that goes to the PTO clutch assembly. This is located on the clutch side. Turn the wire jack toward you, but pull yourself back away from the deck as far as possible. With the battery connected and engine turned off, place the negative alligator lead of a test light to a ground source.

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What does manual PTO mean?

The power take off is whats a manual pto used to transmit power from a tractor or other source of power to an implement. … The pto is a switch whats a manual pto or lever found on tractors and mowers and stands for power take off.

Where is the PTO switch located?

The PTO is the mechanism that turns on the blades located under the mower deck. The PTO works off of a 12-volt system. The electric clutch is operated by a switch located on the dashboard of the lawn mower.

Can an electric PTO clutch be rebuilt?

You can replace the bearings, and you can replace the clutch coil. You must look into the aftermarket suppliers for the coil. Some have a manufacturers number that you can cross reference.

How many amps does a PTO clutch draw?

Engage the PTO switch. The clutch should have an amp draw of approximately 4.0 amps. If the meter reads significantly above or below 4.0 amps, there may be a shorted coil, faulty switch or battery causing the problem. The clutch assembly should be kept free from debris buildup.

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