Best answer: What size tractor do I need for a 7 ft bush hog?

Silver Member. Your PTO HP should be 5HP per foot (width) for things like a finishing mower, rotary cutter, tiller, etc. So for a 7′ bushhog you should look at least 35HP @ the PTO and for a 9′ bushhog you should look at least 45HP @ the PTO. This is just a general rule of thumb.

How much horsepower do I need for a 7 foot bush hog?

Question about size of tractor needed to pull 7′ bush hog | Try about 50-60 hp if you plan on doing any work with it.

How big of a bush hog can my tractor handle?

“The 25 to 30 HP range will pull a 6′ mower AT SLOW SPEED in heavy weeds. FORGET dense brush. ” Going through brush at a slow speed is a good idea no matter what size tractor, unless one is quite familiar with the acreage to be mowed.

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How much horsepower do you need for a 6 foot bush hog?

50 HP should be more an adequate for a 6 foot bush in my humble opinion. If I remember correctly, Bush Hog has specs on recommended HP for their various mowers. Don’t worry about the power needed to move it.

How much horsepower does it take to run a bush hog?

The rule of thumb is 5 HP per foot of cutter. Thus a 5 foot bush hog requires 25 HP.

How much horsepower do I need for a 10 foot bush hog?

I’d say in MOST conditions, you’d want 60 to 65 hp at a minimum. Grass and weeds will put more pto load on the tractor than brush and saplings in most cases. But with a 10′ mounted mower, more critical than HP, you need a good heavy tractor. Even with ligher duty mowers, a 10’er will pack a few pounds onto the hitch.

How big of a tree will a bush hog cut?

What are the safety precautions and maintenance required to use brush hogs? The blades on a rotary cutter can have top speeds of over 150 miles per hour. Therefore the kinetic energy enables the blades to cut through saplings and small trees up to several inches in diameter.

What size tractor do I need to pull a 15 ft batwing?

Rhino and Jd recommend minimum of 55-60 hp for their 15′ batwing mowers.

Can you bush hog in reverse?

Elite Member. My advice is to remove the FEL (slopes and FEL are a bad combo), mow up the slope in reverse (wont hurt your brush hog as long as you don’t push it into the ground) and mow down the slope in forward, always keep the front of your tractor pointed downhill.

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How much does a 5 ft Bush Hog weigh?


Specification Description
Brand CountyLine
Product Weight 450 lb.
Manufacturer Part Number RC5

How long does it take to bush hog 1 acre?

The width of the blade cutter makes a huge impact on the area that’s able to cover in an hour. When hogging with a tractor or a lawnmower with an attachment bush hogger, expect its completion an acre per hour. Hand-pushed tools such as bush hoggers could take three times of this expected time.

How much does a 6ft Bush Hog weigh?

Comparison 6′ Brush Cutters

Brand Bush-Whacker Rhino
Gearbox HP 250 HP 210 HP
Blade Size 1/2″ x 3.5″ 1/2″ x 4″
Blade Tip Speed 18,325 FPM 16, 286 FPM
Weight 1,300 1,560

How much horsepower does a 15 foot bush hog have?

Bush Hog specifies a minimum of 50 HP.

How much does a 4ft Bush Hog weigh?

CountyLine Rotary Cutter, 4 ft.


Specification Description
Brand CountyLine
Product Weight 345 lb.
Manufacturer Part Number RC4

What size tractor do I need for 10 acres?

Having 10 acres could mean having a large produce garden for a roadside stand, horses, or a few cows. Or it could include a woodlot used for harvesting firewood or a larger maple sugaring operation. This is when buying a larger compact or utility tractor of at least 35 hp will make the most sense.

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