What information is found on a forklift load plate?

Sometimes referred to as a capacity plate or a forklift nameplate, the forklift data plate includes important information such as weight, fuel type, and forklift load capacity. Associates need to read the data plate during training and before use to help build the culture of safety in your facility.

What information is found on a forklift data load plate?

How to Read a Forklift Data Plate

  • Forklift Model. The forklift model the rating plate is attached to is clearly stated at the top of the plate. …
  • Forklift Serial Number. …
  • Year of Manufacture. …
  • Nominal Power. …
  • Attachment. …
  • Truck Weight. …
  • Forward Back Tilt. …
  • Tyre Information.


What are the 3 most important pieces of information found on a capacity plate?

One cannot know the safety limitations of a forklift capacity plate if they cannot read it. The plate must have certain safety details. Some important safety details include: maximum capacity, load center, maximum fork height and truck weight. The forklift operator must be trained on how to read the capacity plate.

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What does the nameplate on a forklift tell you?

The nameplates, also called data plates (the two terms are used interchangeably), on a forklift are an important piece of this safety puzzle. They indicate exactly how much load can be put on a forklift taking into account things like truck weight and attachments.

What information is required on the lift truck’s data plate?

A forklift data plate is mounted on the forklift body and includes important information like the weight, fuel type, and overall forklift load capacity. A forklift data plate is sometimes called a capacity plate or a forklift nameplate.

What type of information is included in the data plate?

The data plate contains ownership, specifications, and current inspection.

What must you check before using an attachment on a forklift?

The following checks must be made before using an attachment on a forklift:

  1. The attachment must suit the truck you are fitting it to, and must be suitable for the type of load you are lifting.
  2. It must be properly attached to the forklift with a suitable locking device.


What info is on a boat’s capacity plate?

Look for a capacity plate near the operator’s position or on the transom of the boat. This plate indicates the maximum weight capacity and/or the maximum number of people that the boat can carry safely in good weather. You should not exceed either the stated maximum weight capacity or the maximum number of people.

What does a capacity plate indicate?

A Boat’s Capacity

Always check the capacity plate usually near the operators position or on the boats transom. This plate indicates the maximum weight capacity or the maximum number of people that the boat can safely carry.

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What information is included on a boat’s capacity plate?

Each Capacity Plate includes the maximum number of adult persons, the maximum gross load, and the maximum size of engine, in horsepower, that your boat can legally carry. The next time you’re around a boat, look for its Capacity Plate; it should be permanently fastened near the steering area, or the helm.

Which side of the forklift is supporting more weight?

Weight distribution refers not only to the weight of the load, but also the weight of the forklift itself. An empty forklift has most of its weight in the rear, but when a load is placed on the lift, the weight distribution moves forward.

What is the load center on a forklift?

According to OSHA, “The load center is the distance from the face of the forks to the load’s center of gravity.” It is important for operators and managers to understand the forklift load’s center of gravity in order to operate and transport loads safely in their operations.

What is the correct fork spacing when picking up a load?

Insert the fork all the way under the load (use forks that are at least two-thirds of the load length). Adjust the fork as wide as possible to fit the load and to provide a more even distribution of weight. Space the fork evenly from the centre stringer of the pallet to balance the load.

Which steps must be done at least daily before using a forklift?

1) Conducting a visual check

OSHA requires that all forklifts be examined at least daily before they are used to ensure that they’re in safe operating condition. If forklifts are used on a round-the-clock basis, then they must be examined after each shift.

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When preparing to move off the safest procedure is as follows?

MOVING OFF 10 Before moving off, look round and move only when you can do so safely. An easy way of remembering this is GOB which stands for Gears, Observations then Brakes.

Is it OK to operate a lift truck without a data plate?

This is a basic safety requirement provided by the manufacturer. To ensure that the truck is being driven properly, operators must read the nameplate and be aware of the data about the forklift before being put to use to guarantee safety. Without it, it could be worrisome for someone to operate the forklift.

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