What do the front wheels of a lift truck serve as?

The front wheels of a lift truck serve as the Fulcrum Point between the weight of the truck and the weight of the load being carried. If the weight of the load is equal to the weight of the truck, with equal distances between the centers of gravity, it is possible to “seesaw” a lift truck on its front wheels.

What are the three major parts of a lift truck?

The three major parts of a lift truck are the body (truck), overhead guard, and hydraulic lift.

What is the front part of a forklift called?

MAST. The forklift mast is the raised vertical support that allows loads to be raised and lowered. For most forklifts, the mast is designed toward the front of a forklift and directly in the forklift operator’s line of vision.

Do most lift trucks have front wheel steering?

Most forklifts have rear-wheel steering. Now, if you turn the steering wheel left, your back tires pivot around the front tires, giving you a much tighter turn.

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What are the components of a forklift?

Forklift Part Terminology

  • Cab: The cab is the central part of the forklift. …
  • Carriage: The carriage mounts the forks to the mast and serves as a support structure for the forklift.
  • Mast: The mast is the part of the forklift that lifts and lowers the load. …
  • Load Backrest: …
  • Forks: …
  • Overhead Guard: …
  • Tires: …
  • Counterweight:

What is the most common lift truck accident?

The most common type of lift truck accident is one of the most fatal: being crushed by a lift truck. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that most fatal lift truck accidents happen when a worker is crushed by a forklift overturns or falls from a loading dock.

Is it safe to give someone a ride on your lift truck?

It is safe to give someone a ride on your lift truck. Lift trucks use a hydraulic cylinder attached to chains to raise and lower the forks. Wide and long loads are more unstable than other types of loads.

What does length to fork face mean?

Length to Fork Face = The length of the lift truck measured from the extreme rear end of the lift truck to the vertical surface of the fork face. … Load Capacity = The maximum weight a specified lift truck can lift and/or carry, specified by the OEM.

What is the loading attachment installed on the front of the forklift body?

A load on a beam (the forks) supported by a fulcrum (the front wheels) is counterbalanced by a weight on the other end of the beam (the forklift body and counterweight built into it).

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Is a lift truck an automobile?

A forklift is any mechanical device, powered by an electric motor or internal combustion engine that is used to move or lift loads. Don’t expect a forklift to handle like a car or truck. Because of the counterweight over its rear wheels, a forklift is much heavier than a car. As a result, it can’t stop or turn quickly.

Why do forklifts back wheels turn?

Rear wheel steering allows very sharp turns and high precision maneuvering in the tight spaces where fork lifts are often used. This is the primary reason. … The other reason is that the front wheels carry the heaviest load, and provide the traction that allows the forklift to be driven.

What formula determines the load’s moment?

A load moment is when a load center’s distance from a fulcrum increase. This determines how much overturning force is being applied to the forklift, and is a product of load weight times distance from the fulcrum (i.e., load moment = weight x distance).

How many types of forklift are there?

Forklift Classifications

There are seven forklift classes outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that describe their fuel option and use.

What are two guards fitted to forklift?

It’s vital to keep your whole body within the bounds of the forklift and under the overhead guard. The overhead guard is intended for protection while an operator is within the confines of the seat.

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What is a 3 stage forklift?

What is a 3 stage forklift? 3-Stage – A three-stage mast, or triplex, is the most versatile forklift mast and also the most popular. The outer rails allow for free lift, and the two inner sections can lift loads higher than a two-stage.

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