How wide is a Moffett forklift?

3040 mm / 120 in.

How long is a Moffett truck?

The average length of our truck bodies is 24 feet, but bed lengths can be customized between 20′ and 26′. Beds over 26′ usually make the Moffett truck over 50′ overall length, with the Moffett mounted on back.

Can a Moffett drive sideways?

What’s unique about the Moffett 55.4 NX 4-Way is just that – it’s four-way. At the touch of a button you can instantly turn all wheels 90 degrees and travel sideways through narrow openings and tight spaces – even with a very long load.

Who makes Moffett Forklifts?

MOFFETT, part of Cargotec’s Hiab business area, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year.

What is a Moffett?

A Moffett is a forklift truck, mounted to a lorry. … A Moffett forklift attaches directly to the back of the delivery vehicle (often articulated vehicles) and still leaves 100% of the space on the vehicle.

How big is a Moffett?

3040 mm / 120 in.

How much will a Moffett lift?

They perform like battle tanks; they’re the most powerful truck mounted forklifts in the world. They offer a lift capacity of up to 3,500 kgs and are available with 4-way mode for negotiating tight access areas with wide loads.

What is a Moffett Licence?

The Vehicle Mounted lift truck operator training course (often referred to as a Moffett), will give you the skills to operate the truck safely and efficiently, carry out a pre-use inspection and recall and explain the causes of truck and load instability.

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What are the forklifts on the back of trucks called?

(Also called a piggyback forklift, TMFL, all-terrain forklift, or Donkey.) The unit is essentially a truck that has an open, payload-carrying bed and a forklift attached to the back.

What is a piggyback forklift?

What do you do when you need a forklift that easily transports from site to site? You get one that’s piggybacking on a truck! And that is exactly what a piggyback forklift is. It’s a forklift attached to an open, payload-carrying truck. As you can imagine, this combo is a winning solution for a wide host of industries.

How much does a Moffett weigh?

Technical Specifications

Unladen Weight: 5924 lbs.

What is a donkey forklift?


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