Best answer: Can a boom lift be used as a crane?

Can You Use a Boom Lift as a Crane? Boom lifts and cranes are made for different jobs, and therefore, not designed to perform the same tasks. A boom lift does not have the same lifting and moving power as a crane, and a crane is unable to accommodate workers.

Can you use a scissor lift as a crane?

Answer: No. In fact, by including “multi-purpose equipment” in the scope of the crane standard (§1926.1400(a)), OSHA anticipated that equipment would be eventually engineered and sold by manufacturers for employers to use as cranes in addition to other functions.

What is the difference between a lift and a crane?

is that lift is (nautical) a rope leading from the masthead to the extremity of a yard below, and used for raising or supporting the end of the yard while crane is (nautical) a forked post or projecting bracket to support spars, etc; generally used in pairs.

What is a boom lift used for?

Boom lifts are used to lift people and materials up into the air. Depending on the boom type – straight or articulating – it can also be used to maneuver obstacles and around corners. A boom lift is mainly used to reach out and over as opposed to a scissor lift which is mainly used to lift up.

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How much weight can a boom lift lift?

Genie’s articulated and straight boom lifts all have a lift capacity of 500 pounds. JLG’s straight boom lifts can hold up to 1,000 pounds on many of their models. JLG articulated boom lifts have lift capacities between 500 and 1,000 pounds.

Can you move a scissor lift while elevated?

Employers should ensure that scissor lifts are stable and will not tip over or collapse. … Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe movement—this usually rules out moving the lift in an elevated position.

Do you need a spotter for a scissor lift?

Until standardisation of control mechanism is achieved, Scissor Lifts are not to be operated unless there is a person on the ground operating as a Spotter. The spotter must be available at all times to activate the emergency lowering mechanism should that be necessary.

Can you lift things with a boom lift?

Specialty boom crane models can be used to move trains as well. In addition, boom cranes are used to lift materials, equipment, and other objects.

Are boom lifts safe?

Boom lifts are an important component of the proper deployment and completion of many construction projects. However, given the size, scale, and structure of this type of equipment, they can also pose substantial risk and have the potential to cause serious injury if effective safety measures are not followed.

How many types of lifting cranes are there?

7 Types of Cranes Used In Construction Works. There are various types of cranes used in civil engineering construction works. A crane is a piece of heavy machinery that is a tower or platform that is equipped with cables and pulleys. They are used to lift and lower materials.

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Why is it called a boom lift?

In 1951, Walter E. Thornton-Trump, nicknamed Ted, invented boom lifts to make working in high places easier. … Thornton-Trump called the boom lift the Giraffe, but the name cherry picker stuck because people often used it to pick fruit, including cherries, from tall trees in orchards.

Why are boom lifts stored up?

The booms are up because they don’t have to worry about anyone stealing the stick saw that way, and they don’t have to take it on and off all the time either..

Is a boom lift a forklift?

A boom forklift has prongs that have a greater range of movement than a regular fork lift and is also used for moving merchandise on high shelves or racks in narrow spaces.

How much does a 50 ft boom lift weight?


Specification Value
Horizontal Reach 29 ft 2 in | 8.89 m
Platform Capacity 500 lbs | 227 kg
Up and Over Clearance 22 ft | 6.71 m
Weight 4,400 lb | 1,996 kg

How far can a boom lift reach?

The smallest models are 40 feet tall, while the largest telescopic boom lifts are 180 feet tall. A 40-foot machine has a maximum range or horizontal reach of about 34 feet, and a 120-foot boom lift has a range of 75 feet.

How much does a 60 foot boom lift weigh?

The Genie S-60 J is compact, low-weight design (16,650 lb / 7,550 kg) keeps ground pressure low when operators are working in more sensitive ground conditions.


Specification Value
Platform Capacity 660 lb | 300 kg
Machine Width and Length 8 ft 2 in – 31 ft 10 in | 2.49 m – 9.70 m
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